About Us


Dainty Jane Boutique is an online women's fashion boutique. We offer a wide range of high quality, trendy, unique and affordable clothing pieces. From closet staples to statement pieces, we keep our women's boutique clothing selection exciting. We want women to feel confident when shopping with Dainty Jane Boutique. Our boutique is a perfect mix of everyday basics, unique cuts, and classic prints, you won't find anywhere else. Dainty Jane Boutique is your one-stop shop for all things fashion related!


Growing up, I remember how everyone would say, "there is no where to shop around here" so I decided to create that place and become that outlet for women. Many people ask, "what's Dainty Jane?" This past July, my great grandmother Jane, or as we called her GG, passed away. As hard as this was for my family due to the circumstances, we all focused on our memories with her and decided to celebrate her wonderful life. With starting and creating this company around the same time, it only felt right, to somehow honor her. My GG was full of life, spunky, sassy, yet gentle and elegant. She would be the most dressed up at our holiday parties, always looked her best showing up to our sports games, and she even found a way to somehow dress up and make her bedtime pajamas look fancy.